What is ConformanceWare®?

Design and Development


ConformanceWare® addresses the overall certification process by taking a common sense approach toward establishing best practices. Our design team has made sure that what you receive is both a practical and highly efficient management system (MS).


It reveals the process on how successful management systems are intended to operate. From the onset, you’re furnished with all the necessary documentation components combined with an interactive structure.


ConformanceWare® is the result of our design team having years of experience in developing hundreds of certified management systems (MS) to various standards within a wide range of industries. This experience combined with years of valuable input from our customers is what defines its features.


Developed using Microsoft Office®, ConformanceWare® leverages the capabilities of Word and Excel and eliminates the need to reinvent the wheel. You will immediately recognize the way it functions and how to use it. Being macro-enabled, your files and MS documentation will now behave like a website, allowing each user to access, edit and retrieve information instantly.


  • A fully functional Management System to ensure on going conformity and continuous improvement
  • Seamless integration with your organization to mirror your current operation
  • A dependable management tool for achieving maximum performance
  • Microsoft Office® (2007-2013) compatibility for fluency and ease of use
  • Full customization and editing capabilities to match and promote your organization brand



Love it.


ConformanceWare® emphasizes affordability and puts getting prepared for certification within reach for any sized organization. It adds value and stabilizes the unpredictable costs associated with extensive consultation when preparing for certification.


With a proven track record, ConformanceWare®is extremely flexible and easy to implement. It provides an auditor friendly, best practice management system that establishes conformance in record time and provides the means to maintain it. With its editing and customization features, it will quickly turn your current operation into a “Living Management System”.



Request it.


For professional consultants, ConformanceWare® is ideal. It lightens the load when documentation development is required and serves as a valuable asset. It supplies reliable documentation equipped with the precise terminology they depend on to ensure conformance. Terminology that is also geared to significantly reduce an organizations legal exposure.


With all the heavy lifting thoroughly accomplished, consultants can now achieve quicker turnaround time on system development. This results in having greater flexibility when performing consulting services and allows for placing a more concentrated effort in the areas of implementation, training and process improvement.



Are impressed with it.


Upon review of ConformanceWare® MS documentation, certification body auditors have been quick to express how impressed they are with its overall layout and ease of use. Organizations using it are receiving high marks for having in place a solid and well-structured system that follows a transparent, logical progression. One that presents itself well, clearly demonstrates conformity and is a pleasure to navigate.


Equally impressive to them is that while performing both the Stage 1 and Stage 2 audits, any information they request for clarification is instantly retrievable. Bottom line, this makes for a happy auditor who can move through requirements quickly and head straight to records for verifying conformance to gauge performance.



Here is a partial list of clients using ConformanceWare®